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Critical Acclaim

"This is a top-notch group."
--Kirke Mechem, composer

"While the sheer range of material was impressive, what was remarkable was the 18-voice ensemble's skill in capturing each work's individual charms. Voci's tonal beauty and well-integrated vocal blend served the music handsomely, from century to century."
--Georgia Rowe, Contra Costa Times Correspondent, 2/7/01

"The evening opens with Navari leading the chorus in eight lovely, mostly a cappella renditions of choral works either written or arranged by women. The voices intertwine with and complement each other beautifully in intricate patterns...Musically, it`s a pleasure just to immerse oneself in the vocal mastery of Voci."
--Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle Theater Critic, 6/3/2006

"Accompanied only by a piano, the voices blended almost seamlessly together, creating harmonies that seemed to carry the audience far away."
--Harriett Chiang, San Francisco Chronicle

"One of the best choral groups around."
-- Sarah Cahill, East Bay Express


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Vocal mastery of the Voci women`s chorus lifts spare 'Aphrodisia' -- SF Chronicle Datebook, June 3, 2006

East Bay: Choral groups lifting voices, lifting hearts -- SF Chronicle, January 7, 2005

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